Monster Mashers

120 min + 60 min evaluation | €250-€300 | Min. 16 y.o. | 2-6 players | Experience with actors

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Monster Mashers’ is
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A commotion in the kitchen wakes you up. You sneak down barefoot while peeking through the stair bars. Something seems to be eating inside the fridge, at least that's what it sounds like... You check the fridge and discover a monster snagging a piece of pizza from last night. Oh wait, you never experienced something like that before? That’s because you're not a Monster Masher! They make sure that you never have to worry about monsters, although there is a good chance that your mother-in-law is one of them. So, do not hesitate and call on the 'Monster Mashers'.

Monster Mashers is an absurd mix of humor and thrills. Don't expect an average escape room because this is a wonderfully written story waiting for you, based on your favorite animated series.

With this tale, you can only visit the restroom after the first half an hour. Anyone who needs to go to the bathroom before the tale starts is welcome at our address, but this is a 15-minute walk from the starting point. The tale begins automatically. Latecomers will no longer be able to participate.

Light mode occurs during the day, making the atmosphere significantly less thrilling. This does not mean that it will never be dark or spooky, but the actor will never scare or frighten you.

Dark mode occurs during or after sunset to make the tale extra spooky. It is not a horror experience, but the actor and the tale will scare you.



Is this one of your first escape rooms? 5-6 players is advised


Are you an experienced player? Then we’d advise 4 players

Ultra - Expert

Are you ready for a challenge? Play this adventure with 2-3 players


Monster Mashers has a maximum play time of 120 minutes. In the next 60 minutes you will be evaluated and be escorted back to the starting location. While planning your visit be aware that you’ll be occupied for 3 whole hours.

Cost price:

For the cost price of 250 euros you will have access for up to 5 players. For a 6th player you’ll be able to pay an extra 50 euros on the spot.

Minimum age:

This exciting expedition into the world of monsters is ideal for players aged 16 and over.


“Monster Mashers” is an experience with actors and is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchair users. The experience is not a problem when you are pregnant, although in that case Light mode is recommended.